Gartner hype cycle for emerging technologies

In Technology on September 16, 2008 at 10:32 pm

I picked up this from a recent Gartner press release. It is a great illustration of where Gartner see technology sitting and where they expect it to go. A couple of things caught my attention:

When should you get into a particular technology? For example, Apple is getting into Green IT with their current work on Snow Leopard. Why get into this now considering its place on the peak of inflated expectations? Is this a play on market expectations?

Web 2.0 sadly sits in the trough of disillusionment although it is close to mainstream adoption, which suggests that this will move quickly through the slope of enlightenment and into the plateau of productivity. I cannot wait for more NZ organisations to pick up and run with the web 2.0 movement. I seem to fight a never-ending battle on this in my work environments.

Good to see corporate blogging, idea management, and wiki’s moving up the slope of enlightenment. In my current organisation knowledge and expertise is locked away in silo’s at it would be great for GMs, managers, and subject matter experts to spread their knowledge.

I am encouraged by the direction and expected timing of emerging technologies. I only hope that this is not a US view and that we in NZ are another two to five years behind this.


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